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BOZAN quality since 1975...

Having first started its shirt production at a clothing workshop in Istanbul in 1975, Haci Ramazan BOZAN took his first step in textile.

He started shirt production under the name of Bozan Konfeksiyon (Bozan Workshop) in 1986.

He paved the way for branding after he established Bozan Textile Family Company in 1996.

Bozan Textile exports to 30 countries, Turkey in particular, with its BOZAN - BZN - VERSANTE brands under its structure.

Ürünlerimiz ve hizmetlerimiz ile kalitemizi iç ve dis pazarlarda bilinen ve tercih edilen bir marka haline getirmek.

We have been working in order for everyone to access quality with our principled and solid vision since the first day we were founded.

We continue to work knowing that everyone has the right to own the colors of quality and fashion..